perks of staying at home: 24/7 wifi access

wtf that caaaaaah girl didn’t even freak out

thx to the people who commented on my vma outfit pic I shall wear it :-) (probably) (I’m really indecisive)

wontstopmovings replied to your post: Is this too casual for the vmas??? (Ex…

Are you going to them?


Is this too casual for the vmas??? (Excuse my stern face)

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no don’t insult taylor swift in front of me bc i will cry 


taylor has officially interacted with fans on all social media except tumblr

i’ll wait image


dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son


I wanna watch a comedy where a straight girl and a gay guy both want some dud to fall in love with them so they both start competing for him and trying to find out if he’s straight or gay and at the end you find out he’s bi and they just look at each other with exhausted expressions on their faces