when taylor releases news about album 5 i will sense a slight change in the breeze and whisper “its time”

I really don't think Miranda Kerr slept with Justin. Why would she sleep with Justin out of all people when she had Orlando Bloom? She has higher standards than that, hopefully lol. Orlando is a really nice guy. I think Justin made rude comments about attempting to hook up with Miranda? Anyway, everyones praising Orlando and calling him a hero lol.

Honestly I don’t think so either anymore….. That was just what some were saying. Justin’s the epitome of a shithead. Why would you go for a married woman? When you’re in a relationship yourself?!?

whoever said money can’t buy happiness has obviously never been unable to afford concert tickets to see their favorite person

drake & josh

season 1: drake helps josh w/ a crush
season 4: drake & josh accidentally sell an orangutan to a man who eats orangutans


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?

- Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via yball)



The Fault in Our Stepbrothers


Scott Borchetta is the spawn of satan

Did u all hear what happened with JB and Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom omfg

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